About Me

I’m Rory Price, and I write science-fiction. I’ve always been both fascinated and scared by what the future has in store for us. Science-fiction is a great way to explore that. To me, it all starts with a simple question: what if? I love to take a concept I read about, or even an aspect of society that either fascinates or terrifies me, and see what building a future around that aspect would do.

I started out writing character backstories for tabletop gaming, and quickly got to write my own campaigns. Eventually, I moved on to fanfiction. That was enjoyable as a starting point, but I eventually felt the urge to create my own characters and settings. From then on, I never looked back. Self-publishing seems like the logical route for me to take, as I dislike the idea of giving up control over my own creations to a company that’s more interested in profit than the message behind what I write.

I am a free and open source software supporter, and try as much as I can not to use proprietary software. Even though I’ve never written a line of code in my life, I would much rather trust the combined expertise of the FOSS community than some corporation who’s more interested in my private data than my needs as a user. Privacy is very important to me. I believe that free software isn’t just a hobby, but the model of how technology should move forward.

In the same vein, I support creative commons as a writer. Everything I write, from my novels to my blog, will always be released under a creative commons license. This means that you are free to make copies of my books, send them to your friends, even share them with online communities. Culture should be shared. If you got a free copy of something I wrote and enjoyed it, you can always donate me money later. Or not, I won’t judge.

I hope you enjoy my content.